Hello and thank you for checking out my little piece of the internet.  My name is Melvin Alan and I'm a singer/songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

If you happen to dig the music of Beck or Tom Petty, chances are very good that you will enjoy my new album entitled 'Wonderful Life'.   Rather than try to describe it, check out the player and have a listen.

If you do like what you hear, then you could just click the 'exclusive access' button above the music player to get most of the album sent to you for free right now.

You can also follow me at the major social media sites by clicking the buttons in the top right.  Facebook is where I hang out most, fyi.

That's about it for now.  Just enjoy the free music.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Wonderful Life


Get Up


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  •   Melvin Alan - Wonderful Life
  •   Melvin Alan - Ragged Mind
  •   Melvin Alan - Get Up
  •   Melvin Alan - Down On My Knees
  •   Melvin Alan - I Fall For You
  •   Melvin Alan - Reason
  •   Melvin Alan - One Last Story
  •   Melvin Alan - Where Are You?
  •   Melvin Alan - Man On The Street
  •   Melvin Alan - Wake Up
  •   Melvin Alan - Why Did You Wait?
  •   Melvin Alan - Don't Say Goodbye





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